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Are you facing domestic violence charges in Riverside County California? If the answer is yes, call Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney John L. Michels immediately to find out how he can help.

Operating as the top DV Lawyer Riverside has to offer, John L. Michels is an experienced former prosecutor who goes above and beyond to his clients. No matter the charges or case, you can trust John L. Michels to fight for you or your loved ones.

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As the most respected and successful criminal defense attorney Riverside as well as being recognized as a top DV Lawyer Rancho Cucamonga among other locations, John L. Michels has years of experience. This experience enables him to focus on the most important details to ensure your domestic violence case ends in a result you can be happy with.

Domestic Violence LawyerJohn L. Michels is recognized as the top misdemeanor domestic violence attorney in Riverside. He specializes in a range of unique suits to ensure he is familiar with all situations to provide the best service as your attorney.
No matter the charges, take John L. Michels on as your felony domestic violence attorney or misdemeanor Criminal defense attorney and feel confident that he will fight for your freedom.

The Best criminal defense attorney in Riverside County

Look no further than John L. Michels if you want to avoid jail time for domestic violence charges in Riverside County, reduce a felony to a misdemeanor, or simply receive advice about an impending or potential charge.

John L. Michels offers free consultation 24/7, so it doesn’t matter what happens or when, you can contact the office for advice and whether to take your case the the next stage.

We can also help you determine the scope of your charges so you can learn more about the type of sentencing you could face. No matter what charges are brought against you, whether misdemeanor or felony, speak to John L. Michels today to get the best representation to fight these charges and avoid jail time.

What Our Clients Say

John L. Michels has carved out a deserved reputation as the best DV Lawyer Murrieta and DV Lawyer Temecula alongside his achievements in Riverside. His clients cannot say enough positive words about him to put you at ease and feel confident he is the right man for the job.
Domestic Violence LawyerJohn and the office pride themselves on clarity and directness to ensure our clients understand everything, from the charges against them to possible outcomes and everything in between. It is this focus on clients combined with John’s mantra of Experience, Dedication, and Results that have made the Riverside office the standout domestic violence attorney service in the county and beyond.

Whether you feel you have an open-shut case and want assurances that you will get the verdict and treatment you desire or a more complicated process that requires the best legal mind in Riverside, John L. Michels is the perfect choice.

He will provide professional and expert support throughout the entire process to ensure you or your loved one is aware of every development. This approach is not just part of the promise, but it also ensures peace of mind and alleviates our client’s worries when facing charges.

Felony domestic violence attorney

Whether you’re searching for a DV Lawyer Banning or DV Lawyer Indio, our office can help. As an experienced attorney and legal firm, we also operate in the following courthouses in Riverside County.

Legal representation is crucial when you’ve been charged with a crime. Don’t get caught up in the moment or let these charges impact your life. Protect yourself and your loved ones by contacting Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Michels today.

As the best domestic violence lawyer in Riverside and the surrounding areas, he will fight to reduce and drop the charges to ensure you can continue to live your life, attend rehabilitation programs, and avoid jail time.

Contact (951) 309-7500 any time for a free consultation and explain the details of your case to our expert legal team. From there, John L. Michels will utilize his years of experience and dedicated mindset to guarantee results for any and all cases.

We understand how worrying a domestic violence charge can be, so contact (951) 309-7500 today to learn how we can help.