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If you are facing domestic violence charges, you must speak to a qualified and experienced Riverside domestic violence defense attorney. That’s where John L. Michels can help. He has the deep knowledge and experience needed to remediate the situation, improving your legal prospects and even getting charges dropped altogether.

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Domestic violence occurs when the defendant threatens violence or uses it against someone in their home. Victims include family members, cohabitants or roommates, spouses, and partners.

DV Lawyers in RiversideThe law sometimes considers domestic violence a misdemeanor and other times a felony. Therefore, you may need a misdemeanor domestic violence attorney or one with experience with more serious felony charges. Whether you are facing the former or the latter depends on the severity of the accusations and the prosecution’s perception of the case.

However, even Misdemeanor convictions can result in severe sentences. California law allows for:

  • Up to a year in jail
  • Community service
  • Loss of existing employment
  • Inability to obtain new employment
  • Trouble getting housing or rented accommodation
  • Mandatory counseling
  • Three years of probation
  • Protective orders
  • Loss of firearms rights

Felony sentences can be more severe. Courts may impose jail sentences of up to five years and issue a permanent strike against your record.

Because these penalties are severe, it is critical to work with a DV Lawyer in Indio who understands your case. California takes domestic violence seriously, so using a skilled and informed criminal defense attorney in Riverside is essential.

When Do Domestic Violence Charges Occur?

Being charged with domestic violence often comes as a shock because the accuser is almost always someone you know. Going to court because of a relative, friend, or housemate can be emotionally challenging.

However, former prosecutor felony domestic violence attorney John L. Michels understands these cases in-depth and how to approach them. He carefully collects information about your lawsuit to craft the best possible defense on your behalf. It’s this meticulous approach that makes him one of the most respected attorneys in the region.

How Does John L. Michels Help With Domestic Violence Charges?

DV Lawyer Temecula John L. Michels can help you fight domestic charges on numerous fronts using his thorough understanding of the law. He leaves no stone unturned in his search to help you avoid jail time.

His priority is to investigate your case and gather as much evidence as possible. Poring over police reports, analyzing medical records, and examining physical evidence gives him the needed information to present the best defense.

DV Lawyers in RiversideJohn may also challenge the legality of the allegations by identifying holes or inconsistencies in the charges. This line of reasoning may involve challenging the interpretation of the available evidence or witness credibility.

In some cases, self-defense arguments may apply. John will explore these in full with you, based on the circumstances of the case, including restraining orders, prior abuse by the alleged victim, and witness testimony.

Finally, John may assist in helping you find various mitigating factors that could reduce a felony to a misdemeanor. Courts will sometimes look favorably on defendants in exceptional circumstances.

Of course, all domestic violence accusations are extremely serious. Even being charged can ruin your reputation and cause employers to immediately suspend you, pending the outcome of the trial.

Therefore, misdemeanor Criminal defense attorney John L. Michels stays in contact with you during the process, providing advice and ensuring the legal system respects your rights. As a DV Lawyer in Riverside County, he offers the skills needed to fight zealously on your behalf, reducing charges or even getting them dropped altogether.

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