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Being accused of EDD unemployment insurance fraud is obviously very serious, and if it’s the situation you find yourself dealing with in Riverside, California, it’s important to get legal assistance as swiftly as possible. Here at the law office of John L. Michels, you can get help from an experienced attorney with plenty of experience fighting cases just like yours, and winning them.

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If you’ve been wondering How to get criminal charges reduced in Riverside, our legal assistance will give you the best possible chance of achieving exactly that. It’s always been our belief that it’s better to fight to get your criminal charges reduced or dropped entirely if possible. Of course, each situation is unique and we’ll make sure that we take the approach that’s right for you and helps to secure the best possible outcome.

With our help, you’ll be able to Fight criminal charges in Riverside County on a level playing field and you’ll have help from an attorney who knows these courthouses and prosecutors inside out. That means he has the connections and the experience needed to get misdemeanor criminal charges dropped and secure the outcome that you’re looking for. John L. Michels understands how damaging these accusations and charges can be and he knows how to combat them effectively.

It’s often the case that small mistakes made by good people result in them unfairly charged with crimes relating to EDD fraud. If you feel as if your case has been mishandled and you haven’t been treated fairly, John L. Michels will do everything possible to ensure your voice is heard and that your case is proven. It can often seem impossible to get your side of the story across, but it’s not when you have the right legal assistance.

Experiencing EDD Fraud ChargesAnyone experiencing EDD fraud charges in the Riverside area of California should stand up for their rights and ensure they have a competent, experienced and professional attorney on their side who’s willing to fight their corner and work towards getting felony charges reduced or dropped in Riverside.

Defending You Against Unemployment Insurance Fraud

When you come to us, we’ll focus on making sure that your voice is heard and that you’re given the most robust legal defense possible against the charges you’re being prosecuted with. When you choose John L. Michels, you’ll be provided with a robust and aggressive defense that’ll always put your best interests first. We understand how serious these charges are and that’s why we’ll give you our all in defending you.

It’s not just jail time that people found guilty of EDD fraud are faced with. There’s also everything that can come with that. The fines and charges that people often face when handed a guilty sentence can be crippling and hard to overcome for a very long time, even if you don’t serve jail time. And having a permanent criminal record can make it harder for you to earn a living for your family. These are all real possibilities that the people coming to us for help face.

We fully understand the risks and we do everything possible to put together the most robust defense possible. We’ll do what’s necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. We’ll discuss the details with you every step of the way and do what we can to persuade prosecutors to drop the charges you’re faced with or possibly reduce them if that’s the only option.

John L. Michels has worked as a prosecutor and understands the inner workings of all the courthouses in and around Riverside, California. That gives him a distinct edge and the ability to use his knowledge and professional experience to ensure the best possible outcomes for his clients are delivered every time. Everything he does is with their long-term priorities in mind.

Don’t accept second best when it comes to facing charges such as EDD fraud. We’ll not only help you fight criminal charges in Riverside County but also ensure your case is as solid and well-prepared as it can be. If you want to work with one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Riverside, look no further than John L. Michels.

Contact an Experienced EDD Fraud Attorney in Riverside and San Bernardino County

EDD Charges Professional AttorneySo if you’ve been accused of EDD fraud and you want an attorney who’ll make your case a priority, look no further than John L. Michels. He’ll be able to ensure your case is treated with the seriousness it deserves and everything will be done to fight the charges and achieve the outcome you’re looking for. He’ll not only fight to win your case but fight aggressively to prove your innocence.

John L. Michels has worked as a prosecutor and still has contacts with prosecutors and courthouses across Riverside, California. So if you’re looking for a name you can trust and an attorney who knows how to get charges dropped or reduced, you’re in the right place. He’s familiar with courthouses in Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta, Banning and Indio and has worked for a wide range of clients on cases involving employment insurance fraud.

When facing charges against you for crimes such as EDD fraud, it’s vital to have someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side and ready to fight your corner with everything they’ve got. That’s precisely what you’ll get when you choose to work with the law office of John L. Michels.

He not only has the connections and drive to fight your case through to a successful conclusion, but also the expertise and the many years of experience that are needed to achieve the very best for each and every client’s case that he takes on.

Contact Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Michels today by calling (951) 309-7500 to speak directly to one of the region’s most highly respected and accomplished EDD fraud attorneys. All consultations are completely free and confidential. We have offices conveniently located in Riverside.

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