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If you or a loved one is facing felony criminal charges in Riverside County, you want an experienced attorney on your side. You want someone like criminal defense attorney John L. Michels, who brings his long experience to help fight misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in Riverside County. Book your consultation with criminal defense attorney John L. Michels now to get the best chances of avoiding jail, severe fines, severe penalties and staying at work or in school.

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How can you get felony criminal charges dropped? Attorney John L. Michels, a former Deputy District Attorney and Judge Pro Tem, stands ready to be your loyal, reliable defender.

Operating in courthouses in Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta, Banning, Indio and Rancho Cucamonga, John L. Michels brings over 25 years of legal expertise to your defense.

Success in Riverside Criminal Defense

Attorney John L. Michels, rooted in former prosecutors turned defender, boasts a stellar record in Riverside criminal defense. Facing serious charges demands a formidable legal representative, and Michels is known for his success. If you are looking for someone who can fight felony theft crimes charges in Riverside, or stand by your side to get felony drug crime charges reduced or dropped, Michels is the name you need.

Get Felony Criminal Charges Reduced in Riverside

We get it. Criminal charges are complex. When can we get felony charges reduced or dropped in Riverside? We handle extensively the following criminal charges:

Criminal Defense Consultation in Riverside

What Are The Life Changing Consequences of Felony Charges?

Being charged with a felony is a dramatic event that can have profound consequences on your life and livelihood. The stakes are high, with potential penalties including lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines, and a permanent mark on your record. A felony conviction can impact your employment prospects, housing opportunities, and even your civil rights.

With so much on the line, securing the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney like John L. Michels is not just advisable; it’s imperative.

Legal Consequences
A felony conviction goes beyond the immediate legal penalties. It often results in lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines, and the creation of a permanent criminal record. The severity of these legal consequences can significantly impact your freedom, financial stability, and future opportunities.

Employment Challenges
One of the most tangible and immediate consequences of a felony conviction is the impediment it poses to future employment opportunities. Many employers conduct background checks, and a felony on your record can lead to automatic disqualification or reluctance to hire. This obstacle can create hurdles in career advancement, limit job prospects, and hinder your ability to provide for yourself and your family.

Limited Residential Options
Securing housing becomes a formidable challenge with a felony conviction. Landlords routinely perform background checks, and a criminal record may lead to rejection of rental applications. This restriction exacerbates the stress of finding a stable and secure living environment, impacting both personal well-being and family stability.

Loss of Civil Rights
Felony convictions may result in the loss of certain civil rights. These restrictions can include the right to vote, serve on a jury, and possess firearms. Losing these fundamental rights not only affects your civic engagement but also diminishes your standing as an active participant in society. This is why it becomes essential to fight felony sex crimes charges in Riverside or any other criminal charges.

Social Stigma
Beyond the legal and practical implications, individuals facing felony charges often endure societal judgment and stigma. Overcoming negative perceptions can be challenging, impacting personal relationships, community standing, and overall mental well-being. Coping with this social stigma requires resilience and a commitment to rebuilding one’s life.

Educational Barriers
For those with aspirations for higher education, felony convictions can pose significant barriers. Many educational institutions conduct background checks, and a criminal record may affect admission decisions. This limitation hinders academic pursuits and the potential for personal growth through education.

How to Get Felony Criminal Charges Dropped In Riverside

1. Early Intervention and Strategic Defense Planning
Attorney Michels understands the importance of early intervention. By getting involved in your case from the outset, he can strategically plan your defense. This includes analyzing evidence, identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and exploring legal intricacies that could lead to the reduction or dismissal of charges.

2. In-Depth Case Analysis and Investigation
Criminal Defense Consultation in RiversideMichels and his team conduct a meticulous analysis of your case, leaving no stone unturned. They delve into the details, scrutinize evidence, interview witnesses, and consult experts to build a robust defense. This investigative approach is crucial for exposing inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and ensuring your rights are protected.

3. Negotiation and Plea Bargaining
Skillful negotiation with the prosecution is a key aspect of Michels’ strategy. Engaging in negotiations to secure favorable plea bargains or settlements can lead to the reduction or dismissal of charges. This requires finesse and a deep understanding of legal nuances, areas where Michels excels. For instance, if you can’t get felony assault charges reduced or dropped, it is best to reduce felony to misdemeanor in Riverside County, as misdemeanor is a less severe offense.

4. Experienced Courtroom Representation
In the event your case goes to court, Michels is a formidable courtroom representative. His ability to present a compelling defense, cross-examine witnesses, and deliver persuasive legal arguments is essential for challenging the prosecution’s evidence and persuading judges and juries.

5. Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief
If necessary, Michels and his team are prepared to file appeals to challenge legal errors. They explore avenues for post-conviction relief, such as ineffective assistance of counsel, newly discovered evidence, or constitutional violations.

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Understanding the urgency of legal matters, Michels Law Firm offers free consultations 24/7. We recognize that legal issues don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule, and we are committed to being available around the clock to defend you. So whether you are worried about fighting felony criminal charges alone, or you wonder if you can get felony domestic violence charges reduced or dropped, we are here to help.

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Facing criminal charges requires reliable assistance. Michels Law Firm is committed to comprehensive legal support, ensuring you don’t face the future alone.

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