Firearm Charges Riverside California

California has some of the strictest firearm charges in the US. If you’re fighting firearm charges, the complexities around state law can feel impossible to navigate in Riverside, California. But with the support of John L. Michels and his incredible legal team, you will be guided through this difficult time. Get the legal firepower you need with John L. Michels today.

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Discharging A Firearm Charges In Riverside, California

Did you fire a starting pistol at your family fun day? If you’re worried about discharging a firearm charge in Riverside, California, it’s essential that you reach out to John L. Michels and his team immediately. We fight your corner to ensure that your charges are dropped or reduced wherever possible and put our clients at the forefront of everything we do. We can provide support as your Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Lawyer. Don’t let one innocent mistake ruin your or a loved one’s life.

Felony And Misdemeanor Possession Of A Firearm

Under Penal Code 29800, individuals that use narcotics and also own a firearm have committed a felony charge. That means that if you aren’t aware you’re carrying a firearm and you’re also struggling with an addiction, California law will pursue felony charges. Firearm Charges Riverside CaliforniaVery often, misdemeanor charges become a felony when a firearm is involved. What was one small mistake can quickly turn into an absolute nightmare. Felony possession of a firearm while in commission of a crime can add an extra year to a sentence if you don’t have adequate legal support.

At John L. Michels, we go the extra mile to protect our clients, no matter what you’ve been accused of. We firmly believe that everyone deserves equal legal representation. If you need a Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer, John L. Michels and his top-tier legal team will support you as your firearm defense attorney in Riverside, California.

The Criminal Defense Consultation You Need In Riverside California

At John L. Michels, every potential client can have an initial free criminal defense consultation before working with us. We want everyone to feel empowered to fight firearm charges. Don’t waste time; seek our support today to work with the dedicated John L. Michels. Every step of the way, you will have the full support of John and his extensive legal powerhouse. We’re your partner and firearm defense attorney when navigating the challenging legal system in Riverside, California.

John L. Michels: Never Turns A Client Away

We support clients undergoing extremely tough situations and will never turn a client away. Some of the legal representation we provide includes:

Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer
Have you been accused of domestic violence while in possession of a firearm? John L. Michels will defend you and ensure that your voice is heard. Don’t let unjustified charges derail your life; seek legal representation immediately.

Assault And Battery Criminal Defense Lawyer
If you or your loved one is facing assault and battery charges with a weapon in Riverside, California, we have extensive experience protecting our clients and reducing sentences.

Murder Criminal Defense Lawyer
Firearm Charges Riverside CaliforniaDon’t feel trapped by the weight of murder charges with the support of John L. Michels. We are a Felony Criminal Defense Lawyer that can help you understand and combat complex firearm and murder charges in Riverside, California.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, we will help you fight firearm charges and any other legal battles where you need our support.

Get Your Life Back With John L. Michels

Our 360 client-focused approach to combating firearm charges begins when you contact us.

We will:

  • Talk with you for a free Criminal Defense Consultation to discuss the charges.
  • Fully explain the legalities and how we can help you.
  • You decide to partner with John L. Michels and his legal team.
  • We provide extensive support at every step of your discharge a firearm charges.

Supporting The Local Community For Decades

John L. Michels has been proud to serve the local community for decades, whether they need a Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Lawyer or a Murder Criminal Defense Lawyer. Our constant feedback from clients is that we truly care about them, and we will defend them through their cases with care and confidence.

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Don’t waste time if you or a loved one is facing firearm charges. Give John L. Michels a call today to get your life back.