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There are three main types of offenses in California and United States law: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. A misdemeanor is a less serious crime than a felony offense, which typically comes with less serious consequences. However, although it may result in less stringent sentencing, a misdemeanor is still something to take seriously. Being charged with a misdemeanor could still mean that you end up having to pay a hefty fine or spending time in a county jail, in addition to various other possible consequences. If you or a loved one is arrested and charged with a misdemeanor offense, it’s crucial to contact misdemeanor criminal defense attorney John L. Michels right away.

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Types of Misdemeanor Crimes

Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside CountyThere are many different crimes that can be charged as misdemeanors. Misdemeanors typically include non-violent crimes, but they can sometimes include crimes that involve violence too. For example, you might be looking for a misdemeanor domestic violence lawyer or a misdemeanor assault & battery lawyer to help you with your criminal defense. A misdemeanor possession stolen property lawyer can assist with charges related to theft, while a reckless driving attorney is essential for dealing with driving charges.

Misdemeanors are divided into different classes under the federal sentencing guidelines, which are sorted by the maximum amount of jail time that can be given. A Class A misdemeanor means more than six months and up to one year of jail time. A Class B misdemeanor results in less than six months but more than 30 days of jail time. And a Class C misdemeanor carries the consequence of 30 days or less but more than 5 days in jail. Jail time for a misdemeanor is typically served in a county jail, not a state prison.
If you need to fight misdemeanor charges, it’s essential to contact an attorney as soon as you can. Get in touch with John L. Michels when you require an experienced misdemeanor attorney in Riverside to get the defense that you deserve.

Consequences of a Misdemeanor Conviction

The exact consequences for a misdemeanor vary depending on a range of factors. They may include fines, jail time, probation, or community service. Certain types of offenses may result in specific consequences. Driving offenses could result in a driving ban or license points. Offenses involving drugs or alcohol might lead to an order to attend a rehab program. Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Attorney Riverside CountyEvery case is different and the end result can depend on whether there were multiple offenses, any mitigating circumstances, the judge presiding over the case, and the quality of the defense. That’s why it’s so important to secure a criminal defense attorney in Riverside who will do all that they can to present the best defense when you are charged with a misdemeanor.

Can a Felony Be Reduced to a Misdemeanor?

The consequences for a misdemeanor are typically lower than those for a felony offense. So you may be wondering whether it’s possible to reduce a felony to misdemeanor. The answer is yes, it is possible to get a felony lowered to a misdemeanor in some cases. This can usually be done in one of several ways. Some of the options to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor include a plea bargain, a diversion program, completion of probation or showing that the offense doesn’t meet the definition of a felony. A Penal Code 17(b) motion is used to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor in California.

How to Avoid Jail Time for a Misdemeanor

A misdemeanor charge could result in jail time of up to a year. However, not all misdemeanors end with jail time. It is possible to avoid jail time for misdemeanor charges in Riverside County if you have the right defense. Even if found guilty, your charges could be reduced to a fine or other non-jail options. Having the right defense for your case is a must if you want the best chance of avoiding jail time. John L. Michels is an experienced attorney who will present the best defense to your misdemeanor charges to argue for them to be reduced or even dropped.

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