Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct Attorney in Riverside County

If you behave in a way that disrupts the peace or causes others to fear for their safety, you may be arrested for disorderly conduct charges. This charge is classed as a misdemeanor offense, which means that if you are convicted of it, you will have a record and be subject to some criminal consequences.

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The following are examples of behaviors that could result in an arrest for disorderly conduct:

  • Being too loud in public settings
  • Urinating in public
  • Public intoxication
  • Fighting
  • Impudent behavior
  • Public sexual conduct

Win a Drug Possession Case in Riverside CountyShould you be found guilty of disorderly behavior, you face the possibility of spending up to a year in jail and/or paying penalties of up to $1,000. Your conviction will also be recorded on your criminal record, which means prospective employers will know. If your case incorporates other elements, such as the destruction of property or intoxicated in public, you may be subject to further charges and fines.

If you are facing allegations of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, you need the very finest criminal defense attorney and that is where John L. Michels comes in.

You need the most qualified criminal defense attorney possible to fight the allegations, as well as an attorney who has considerable expertise representing persons who have committed a variety of misdemeanor disorderly conduct offenses in Riverside. Country.

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Over the course of more than two decades, Riverside lawyer John L. Michels has successfully defended individual individuals who have been charged with a variety of offenses. Since Mr. Michels worked as a prosecutor for the District Attorney’s office in Riverside County in the past, he is well aware of the regulations and processes that the District Attorney’s office follows when dealing with offenses of disorderly conduct misdemeanor.

Win a Drug Possession Case in Riverside CountyJohn L. Michels has defended clients accused of crimes ranging from third-degree misdemeanors to drug trafficking, drug production, and distribution of illegal narcotics. His experience spans the gamut, making him the best criminal defense attorney in Riverside County to fight your corner.

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When you need the very best on your side, John L. Michels is who you want on your side. John possesses a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of crimes and situations. The fact that John has a successful track record and is a riverside criminal defense attorney who has won awards sets him apart from the competition.

It is possible that you or someone you care about has been charged with a misdemeanor conduct offense in Riverside, and now you are seeking for the finest lawyer to handle the case. It makes no difference if the issue at hand is something simple or something a lot more serious, John L. Michel’s is the ideal lawyer for your criminal defense.