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Have you recently been arrested for domestic violence against a spouse or intimate partner? It’s time to call an attorney, now. The quicker you can reach a lawyer, the better chances you have in having charges dropped, dismissed, or having reduced penalties. The quicker you contact attorney John L. Michels, the better options you have in avoiding domestic violence charges brought against you.

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Can I have charges against me dropped?

how to get domestic violence charges against you droppedAre you looking to have domestic violence charges against you dropped? Riverside criminal defense lawyer John L. Michels is an experienced, aggressive, and award winning attorney who understands that every domestic violence arrest is unique. He is fully aware that there are complexities to potential domestic violence charges and is sympathetic to clients facing these terrible situations.

Additionally, his work as a former prosecutor and former Judge Pro Tem of the Riverside Superior Court, along with his nearly two decades of criminal defense experience handling domestic violence cases, makes him uniquely qualified to attempt to get your case dismissed, not filed, or to reduce any potential penalties . With criminal defense attorney John L. Michels on your side, you have the best legal counsel and representation available in all of Riverside, Murrieta, Temecula, and Banning California.

Each individual deserves to have their rights preserved and protected, which is why Mr. Michels is prepared to invest his time and energy into fighting for you. If you’ve been accused of assault, battery, or a domestic violence crime, it is imperative that your defense attorney has your back. The sooner you call John L. Michels, the sooner he can offer a free consultation and begin working with you to have your charges dropped or reduced.

Is this the first time you’ve been accused of domestic violence? Let that work in your favor. Attorney Michels will work on your behalf to try to have the charges dropped or to reduce charges to a misdemeanor rather than a felony, which has lifelong repercussions. Prosecutors will use both the alleged facts as well as the record of the defendant when determining what level to charge the crime. In many cases, Mr. Michels has convinced judges to reduce a felony domestic violence charge to a misdemeanor under California Penal Code Section 17(b) PC by diligently working up the case even when the prosecutor objects.

Does it matter when I call a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney?

The sooner you’re able to call an attorney, the easier it is for you to potentially have all charges dropped. As an example, Mr. Michels recently represented a client who had been arrested for felony domestic violence. Because she was able to contact him prior to being prosecuted, he was able to convince the district attorney to entirely drop her case despite her felony arrest.

A key takeaway: do not assume that just because you have been investigated or arrested that charges have been brought upon you. It is not until a prosecutor decides to charge you with a crime that you have been charged, and the best time to contact an attorney to reduce your charge or potentially have it dismissed entirely is between when you are investigated or arrested and when formal charges are brought against you. Again, the sooner you act, the more options Mr. Michels will have to help you.

Does that mean it’s too late to call John L. Michels to represent you? No. Call any time, day or night, to see what Mr. Michels can do to help reduce your domestic violence charges or have them dropped.

Why shouldn’t I take a public defender?

Since public defenders often have large caseloads, it is common for them to be overworked. This in turn means that they have less time per each individual case, and have incredibly limited time to meet with clients. In truth, the public defender often only has a few minutes right before they enter the plea for their client. If the court appoints you a public defender, you do not have a choice of which attorney you would like to work with, and you will not benefit from the expertise Mr. Michels will be able to provide.

Working with a private lawyer is beneficial as they take fewer cases, are less overworked so they have more time with each client, and can formulate a solid plan in addressing any potential or existing charges. Private Riverside attorneys, like John L. Michels are easier to get a hold of since they take fewer cases, and since he relies on satisfied clients, you can rest assured that he is going to fight zealously for you.

A prime example of why a private attorney makes all the difference is a recent case in which Mr. Michels helped a client who was charged with multiple cases of domestic violence, criminal threats, and false imprisonment. The previous lawyer recommended the client plead and go to prison. Mr. Michels was able to negotiate for no real jail time and the client walked out of court!

What if my spouse or partner falsely accused me of domestic violence?

false accusations of domestic violenceIt is common for arguments to end in false accusations of assault or battery when passions are high.

False allegations can be life-altering, so if you or someone you love has been accused, immediately ask for attorney representation. Do not talk to the police without consulting an experienced domestic violence attorney. Together with your attorney, you will work to prove that you have been wrongly accused and are a victim in this scenario by using any and all evidence to prove you are innocent of these false accusations. With the help of Mr. Michels, you have a greater chance of not having these false accusations of domestic violence brought to trial.

Many people arrested for domestic violence are not guilty, and in the case of domestic violence, police will automatically remove the accused from the scene, even if there is a sense of underlying false accusations.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony of domestic violence charge?

The differences between a domestic violence misdemeanor and a felony are significant, and it is important for you to understand the differences between the two if you are facing charges in the Temecula, Riverside, or Banning area.

In the state of California, a felony is the most serious level of criminal offense. If convicted of a felony, you will likely serve time in a California prison or be put on formal probation for many years after being released from county jail. Felons lose the right to vote, the right to have firearms, and a felony offense brings substantial repercussions when being considered for jobs and housing opportunities.

Misdemeanors are considered a less serious level of criminal offense but may still result in county jail time, fines, and other consequences including the loss of your right to own a firearm.

To reduce your chances of your domestic violence charges being prosecuted as a felony or a misdemeanor, call attorney John L. Michels today at (951) 309-7500.