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If you have been charged with a drug related crime in Riverside County, you are going to need an expert criminal defense Lawyer that knows the Riverside courthouses. John L. Michels is unparalleled in Riverside County as one of the foremost attorneys for drug related charges.

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If you are searching for an attorney who knows every aspect of the law as it pertains to drug charges, John L. Michels is a strong drug crime defense lawyer who has a reputable and long history in the various courthouses of the area from Temecula, Murrieta, Indio, Banning, and Riverside. He also has a long-standing, outstanding reputation with the prosecutors of these areas, which enables him to bring your case before a professional and equal court of law.

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

Felony and Misdemeanor ChargesWhen charged with a drug crime, it is either going to be a felony or a misdemeanor, and both should not be taken lightly. Being charged with a drug misdemeanor or felony is a serious accusation and you are going to need someone who can fight felony drug charges successfully as a felony on your record can have long-lasting and damaging effects and restrictions on your life and your freedom. You also need an experienced drug crime lawyer to fight misdemeanor drug charges because lesser charges can also upend your entire life and the life of your family.

Drug Possession

If you are charged with drug possession, you need the best drug possession lawyer to fight these charges and prove that what you are being accused of is false or does not warrant the maximum punishment. Drug possession is when you have been arrested or caught with an amount of drugs on your person large enough to be detained and face a judge. Because of John L. Michels’ unprecedented reputation within the Riverside County court system, you are guaranteed to be represented by the best.

Drug Distribution

If you have found yourself facing charges that include intent to sell or the act of selling, John L. Michels is the foremost drug crime lawyer in the county who has the know-how to fight drug distribution charges to the fullest extent of the law. His professional relationships with the prosecutors of Riverside County magnify John L. Michels’ reputation for helping innocent people or people who have been wronged by the law find the justice they deserve. John L. Michel’s is a reputable Riverside drug crime lawyer, and you can count on him every step of the way.

Drug Manufacturing

Whether you are being charged with manufacturing drugs or trafficking drugs, these charges are severe. Drug manufacturing charges can stem from actually making and creating drugs in a lab for methamphetamines or other substances to being a part of the supply chain that helps these drugs find ways into the public system. Whichever end of the spectrum your charges fall under, John L. Michels is prepared and equipped to represent you fairly and make sure you are not lost within the justice system.

When it comes to finding the best drug defense attorney to fight drug manufacturing charges, John L. Michels is at the top of the drug crime attorney list. John L. Michels has an incredible amount of expertise in helping clients navigate the tricky road of drug manufacturing charges as well as a familiarity with Riverside Courthouse, Temecula Courthouse, Murrieta Courthouse, Banning Courthouse and Indio Courthouse. This kind of experience is hard to find anywhere, and with John L. Michels’ years of working within Riverside courthouses, you are sure to be helped and your case will be handled accordingly.

How to Win a Drug Possession Case in Riverside County, California

Win a Drug Possession Case in Riverside CountyIn order to win a case in Riverside County, you are going to need to find the foremost expert in Riverside County. Whether you need a Riverside crime drug lawyer, an Indio crime drug lawyer, or a Banning crime drug lawyer, John L. Michels is it. The only way to win is to have him on your side.

As a Temecula crime drug lawyer and a Murrieta crime drug lawyer as well, John L. Michels has the entire county covered from border to border, and within those borders, he is highly respected and relied upon by his peers.

With years of education and experience under his belt, John L Michels was previously a prosecutor and switching his focus to becoming a Criminal defense attorney proves that he knows how all areas of the court system works, and he also knows what methods work to a prosecutor’s advantage, and John L. Michels can easily build your case so that you are treated fairly by the justice system without leaving any stone unturned. When you walk into a courtroom with John L. Michels on your team, you know that you are going to get the fairest experience possible.

Coachella Drug Attorney

John L. Michels is the best Coachella drug crime lawyer in the county. With many years of helping those charged with drug related crimes at the Coachella music festival, John has expertly learned the ins and outs of Coachella’s drug laws and regulations. If you find yourself in need of an attorney because you are being charged with a drug related crime after attending the Coachella music festival, John L. Michels is the attorney for you.

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If you or a loved one are in desperate need of the proper representation in court due to criminal drug activity, contact John L. Michels today. You will only be able to have the fairest and fullest experience in front of the courts with John L. Michels representing your case to the judge. His years as a prosecutor coupled with his extensive experience as a defense attorney give him a perspective on the law that cannot be found anywhere else in Riverside County. Contact the law offices of John L. Michels today at 951-309-7500 for a consultation to see exactly how John is going to handle your case. Don’t hesitate, your future and your future freedom depends on it.