How to Win a Drug Possession Case in Riverside County California

Drugs charges can be very serious and even a simple possession charge can result in a big fine and, in some cases, prison time. The long-term effects of having this charge on your record can hold you back in life too. People with felony narcotics charges often find it hard to get a job or take out a loan from the bank, for example. That’s why it’s vital that you fight drug possession charges in Riverside County.

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The faster you take action, the better your chances of winning the case. These are the important steps you must take if you are going to win your drug possession case.

Find Legal Representation Immediately

The first step to getting a Riverside County drug possession charge dismissed or reduced is choosing the best drug defense attorney. It can be hard to find someone you trust in this field, but it’s crucial that you do. You need to find a drug crime lawyer with lots of experience in this area of criminal law because they will have a clear idea of the best strategies for your defense.

John L. Michels is the best criminal defense attorney in the area and he has fought countless cases of this kind before. For over two decades, he has been successful in helping his clients fight drug manufacturing charges, fight drug trafficking charges, and fight possession charges. All of the clients he has defended in the past give him amazing reviews, which you can see for yourself if you just search his name online.

Only with the most experienced lawyer behind you do you stand a chance of getting out of these serious charges. The law surrounding drug offenses is complicated and many people don’t understand what their rights are and what processes law enforcement must go through in order to successfully prosecute you for drug possession. John L. Michels knows the law inside out and can advise you on the best possible strategy for your defense. This is why you must immediately contact his office if you are arrested for any kind of drug crime.

Consider Possible Defense Strategies

Drug Possession Defense StrategyThe first thing that John L. Michels and his team of expert investigators will do is assess the case and come up with possible defense strategies. You will be asked a lot of questions about the circumstances surrounding the arrest, so try to remember as many details as possible. Although it might seem like it’s hopeless, there are actually a lot of potential defense strategies that could help you win your case.

Illegal Searches

When you are arrested, your drug possession attorney will look into whether the law enforcement officials followed legal protocol. They must obtain a search warrant or have probable cause to arrest you for drug possession before they can legally search and seize anything from you. This is why it is vital for police officers to follow proper procedures when making arrests.

If they didn’t, your attorney could argue that anything they seized from you was obtained illegally and it is not admissible in court. Often, this means that the prosecutors lose their most vital piece of evidence and it is impossible for them to prove the charges against you.

Errors During Arrest

During the arrest, police officers must read you your rights and they must do it in a language that you understand. If they didn’t, any evidence they gained during the arrest could be thrown out of court too because it was obtained illegally. If you can think of anything unusual during the arrest, give these details to your attorney because they could prove very valuable.

Lab Testing Issues

Lab testing is another process that must be carried out correctly in order to prove the charges against you successfully. If the tests your samples were given and processed incorrectly, it could mean that they don’t have enough evidence for a conviction. It’s up to law enforcement to prove that the substance you were in possession of was actually an illegal drug. If they are unable to do this, they don’t have a case. Although this is quite rare, it is still a possible defense in some cases.

When you work with John L. Michels, he will exhaust every avenue to build a robust defense and dismantle all of the evidence that the prosecution has against you.

Proving Guilt Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Drug Possession Illegal SearchThe prosecution must prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt. This is not something that they can do easily, especially if the defense has several legal strategies up their sleeve to counteract the accusations against you. If they don’t have enough evidence to provide a convincing argument, there is every chance that the case will collapse entirely and all charges will be dropped.

This could be your lucky break. With the right legal advice, you can make it much harder for law enforcement to prove their case against you. Just because an illegal substance has been found in your car or home, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you were aware that it was there. Although this might sound like a relatively weak defense, it is up to the prosecution to prove otherwise. But with the help of a professional misdemeanor drug lawyer like John L. Michels, you can fight your case and make it harder for them to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the charges that are being brought against you.

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Don’t give up before you have even started! You may not realize it yet but if you are arrested on possession charges, there is still hope because John L. Michels has a lot of experience in this area. He knows what evidence the prosecution needs to win their case and he will fight tirelessly to ensure that you get the very best defense.

If you are facing felony narcotics charges, get in touch with John L. Michels today. He can help you fight criminal charges in Riverside County and clear your name so you can move on with your life.