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There are probably not many things as stressful as being charged with a crime. But at the core of it, it is possible to fight misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in Riverside County as long as you have access to experienced Riverside County lawyer who know the ins and outs of the criminal law. We provide dedicated criminal defense consultation to help you figure a way out.

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Ultimately, the best-case scenario would be to get felony criminal charges dropped in Riverside. Is it possible to do so? Yes, it is an option when you reach out to a Riverside County Lawyer as experienced as John L. Michels. But even if dropping is not an option, we could get felony criminal charges reduced in Riverside County, and this could protect your freedom, civil rights, and even future employment.

Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor in Riverside County

When facing criminal charges, it’s crucial to comprehend the distinction between felonies and misdemeanors. The Law Offices of John L. Michels will navigate the complexities of these classifications to advocate for the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Severity of the Offense
Riverside County LawyersFelony: Felonies encompass serious criminal acts such as murder, arson, and drug trafficking. They are considered more severe than misdemeanors and often involve a higher degree of harm or danger.

Misdemeanor: Misdemeanors involve less serious offenses like petty theft, disorderly conduct, and simple assault. While harmful, misdemeanors are generally considered less severe than felonies.

Potential Penalties
Felony: Convictions for felonies carry harsher penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines, and, in extreme cases, the death penalty in some jurisdictions.

Misdemeanor: Misdemeanor penalties are less severe, typically involving shorter jail terms and smaller fines compared to felonies. Therefore, the best criminal defense attorney John L. Michels could help preserve your livelihood if they can reduce your charges, such as get felony domestic violence charges reduced or dropped.

Civil Rights Impact
Felony: Felony convictions may lead to the loss of certain civil rights, such as voting privileges, jury service, and firearm ownership.

Misdemeanor: Misdemeanor convictions may not necessarily result in the same level of civil rights restrictions as felonies.
Incarceration Location
Felony: Individuals convicted of felonies may serve their sentences in state or federal prisons.

Misdemeanor: Misdemeanor sentences are typically served in local or county jails. For sensitive crimes, such as if you need to fight sex crime charges in Riverside or aggravated assault charges, it’s best, for example, to get felony assault charges reduced or dropped as future protection if you are incarcerated.

Legal Process
Felony: Felony cases generally involve more complex legal processes, including grand jury proceedings and more extensive pre-trial hearings.

Misdemeanor: Misdemeanor cases usually have simpler legal procedures, and some may be resolved through plea bargains or diversion programs. So from the point of view of your criminal defense lawyers, we always aim to get felony charges reduced or dropped in Riverside to simplify the whole process.

Permanent Record
Felony: Felony convictions create a permanent criminal record that can have long-term consequences for employment, housing, and other aspects of life. In other words, if you found yourself in a situation where you had to accidentally or intentionally take something that wasn’t yours, you will need to fight felony theft crime charges in Riverside to protect your record.

Misdemeanor: Misdemeanor convictions also result in a criminal record, but they may be viewed less severely than felony convictions by employers and landlords.

How do Riverside County Lawyers Get Felony Criminal Charges Dropped?

Riverside County LawyersFirst of all, can we get all felony criminal charges dropped? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no, as it could involve many different factors.

But we bring over 25 years of criminal defense knowledge and experience in the prosecution at your service to help you. In short, if someone can get felony drug crime charges reduced or dropped in Riverside, it’s us! We operate in the Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta, Banning, Indio and Rancho Cucamonga courthouses.

We understand the nuances of criminal law and employ strategic approaches to secure the best outcomes for our clients. Here’s how we work towards getting charges reduced to misdemeanors or dropped altogether:

Planning as Early as Possible
As Riverside County lawyers, we know how important it is to be able to intervene early when facing criminal charges. This allows defense attorney John L. Michels and his team to go beyond mere legal representation. We set a strategic defense plan in motion. The sooner you can bring us in, the better we can examine the prosecution case, identify the weaknesses, and explore the different legal options available.

Negotiation and Plea Bargaining
We bring more than just criminal law knowledge. John L. Michel is a former prosecutor who understands the needs of each party when coming to the negotiation table. He’s been in the shoes of the prosecution and knows what needs to be said to convince them. Part of the negotiation process is crucial to reduce criminal charges to misdemeanors and sometimes even get them dropped altogether.

Formidable Advocacy in Legal Arenas
Being persuasive with legal arguments and orchestrating expert cross-examination of the witnesses can make a huge difference to the legal outcome of your charges. So, you want someone who keeps a cool head and thinks fast in the courtroom. This is where experience, know-how, and overall legal career play in our favor.

We know how to persuade not only the judges but also the juries. We know how to fight felony criminal charges in Riverside County on your behalf.

Leveraging Legal Expertise for Ongoing Defense
The journey doesn’t end with a court verdict. Riverside County lawyers are prepared to navigate the appellate process with a focus on challenging legal errors. Because we are armed with extensive legal expertise, we can file appeals and explore avenues for your post-conviction relief.

Don’t Leave Your Future to Chance

Facing criminal charges is a serious matter, but Riverside County lawyers are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support. Whether advocating for a reduction in charges or navigating the legal complexities, our goal is to ensure that we can protect your future.

Are you facing criminal charges? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced Riverside County lawyers today for legal assistance in even the most challenging situations. We are proud to offer free criminal defense consultation in Riverside 24/7. A bright future is only one phone call away. What are you waiting for?