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When charged with a crime, you can feel the walls closing in on you. But all is not lost when you have a great criminal defense attorney. Not all crimes are the same and thus, the punishments will not be the same. By default, the justice system has main side roads which can allow your criminal case to veer off the main road which leads to the largest and more severe punishments. We recommend that you don’t give up no matter how bad the charges might look. Without the top riverside criminal defense attorney, you are just fish bait for a good prosecution team. So here are some ways we can help you beat your case and get the least serious sentence and possibly, walk free.

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Assault charges

Criminal Defense Attorney ServicesOne of the most frequent cases we receive is assault and battery. Now this is very complex and very emotionally charged at times. The subject of domestic abuse, violent assault with intent or even, defending yourself from an intruder, is a hot topic in today’s society. We are sensitive to the fact that the culture is changing and some cases are more severely punished that they otherwise would be in the past. That’s why you need a great criminal defense attorney that can try to break your case away from anything we might be seeing in the media.

Men especially, need to be given a great Misdemeanor criminal defense attorney so that charges that might result in serving time, boil down to just a fine or maybe some other things like community work and probation. We are the number one Murrieta criminal defense attorney for this reason, because we look at the facts, and make sure that your background and the circumstances of the event that took place, are seen without the influence of political movements and bias in the system, is not tolerated.

Drug crimes

Any time a drug crime case is leveled at your feet, it can feel like you shouldn’t resist because of the weight that such cases have against the accused. Yes, hard evidence of drug usage is something that puts you on the back foot. But, by no means should you cower in the corner, when you have a great Riverside criminal defense attorney by your side. Again, we will try to limit the scope of the charges, making sure that they are proportional. Just like any serious negotiation, both sides enter the room with their front foot forward. The prosecution may try to throw the book at you, hoping something will stick. But with the best criminal defense attorney in Riverside County mounting a solid misdemeanor criminal defense, your charges may be dismissed and or your sentence reverted from possible time to just a fine or other forms of lesser punishment.

A child is involved

One of the other types of cases that we have often dealt with is child abuse. This is one of the more complex cases too, as there is a minor involved. We have heard it all folks, and we’re not kidding. It might be that the mother is trying to separate you from the child and in the events of planning a divorce, has set up the father. It might be that some kid was picking on your kid and you simply collared the other child in an attempt to show you were serious about defending your child. This could have causes the parents of the other child to file charges of child abuse. Or sadly, it might actually be that you flew off the handle and happened to strike your kid when they did something aggravating. Whatever the case is, a good Child Abuse Attorney will fight for your side and present nothing but the facts. We believe that the way we build up a character profile, chronologically build up the events of the day upon the occurrence and scrutinize the other side’s case, that our service is one of the best around.

DUI case

Criminal Defense Attorney for HireMaybe this isn’t the first time you have had a DUI and it’s gotten to the point that you have exhausted your three strikes. In this case you will be charged with a crime and not just a misdemeanor. But it’s our job, as a misdemeanor Reckless Driving Attorney service, to bring those charges back down to where they should be. We have been practising as a Riverside DUI Attorney office for more than 20 years. We’ve seen every trick in the book by the state, police departments, private prosecutors alike. We know that sometimes, even though it may have been a contributing offense to your overall record, we must not lose sight of perspective. If it wasn’t as serious as it could have been, there’s no need to throw the book at anyone. We build up a case purely looking at the facts. We don’t allow the other side to get into an emotional argument that simply tries to teach someone else a lesson. You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and we won’t let your past affect your present life.

How we do it

Firstly, strong analytical skills are required to pour over any and all evidence both against, and in your favor. This can mean hours and hours of attention given to the smallest details. This is our bread and butter. It’s no skin off our back to look over all the details, forming a solid case that is deductive, backed by evidence, and takes into account your personal integrity. We scour the scene of any crime, to search for witnesses, evidence tampering or negligence by the police.

Please feel free to contact us and ask us any questions. The law is complex and the average Joe might not understand what their charges exactly are and what they mean. We can start the ball rolling and form a defense just by calling (951) 309-7500 now.