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If you have been arrested and charged with driving while under the influence of either alcohol or a substance in Riverside County, you need a DUI Attorney immediately so we can do the fighting for you. Mr. John L. Michels has been successfully fighting for clients courthouses in Riverside, Banning, Murrieta and Temecula to name a few, for over 20 years. Here is how our services might be just what you need to successfully clear your name.

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First-time offence

People who have been charged with a DUI for the very first time don’t always get a slap on the wrist. It’s not uncommon for a new judge or rookie lawyer to try and get one on the scoreboard by making an example of you. So get yourself a skilled competent criminal defense attorney that will prevent this from happening.

The key is to build up your case using your personal life. The courts don’t have a record of your history because you haven’t made any other offense. So really, if you have a great DUI defense lawyer, they can use your clean record as a crowbar to break the will of the prosecutor. They will show you have volunteered in your local community, you have helped other people or have been involved in projects that serve the neighborhood, or maybe, that you’re a hard worker and have a clean and ethical professional life. Building up a case is not easy but with the right angle, a good DUI lawyer will make the other side’s case for a stiff penalty, absurd.

Time or fine?

Riverside DUI Attorney ServiceIf we all had a choice between a fine or doing some time, we’d happily chew our own hand off for the former. Our skilled attorney, John L. Michels will work to do just that. He will start work on building a misdemeanor criminal defense. How does this work?

If you didn’t hurt anyone, you stand a good chance of just paying a fine.
But property damage is a little more complex. For example, if you burst through a garden fence, the other side could make the case that were there occupants of the property in the garden at the time, they could have been hurt. But, shoulda, woulda, coulda is not something that will be tolerated by a good misdemeanor Reckless Driving Attorney.
If you showed signs that you tried to avoid a collision, this is something that will be used in your defense. Just because you were under the influence, doesn’t mean that your faculties were completely impaired. Taking any kind of evasive action at the point of collision is going to work in your favor.
If you are willing to sign up to other forms of punishment, such as community work, having a probation officer check up on you, wouldn’t you take it, rather than go to prison or jail? Working closely with you, we can see if this is an option and fight for it to be the case instead of the alternative.

Traffic violation

When you are booked for a DUI, it’s not just reckless driving that will be taken into account. Other things like speeding, erratic maneuvers, failing to stop and even going too slow are all factored in. nothing is ever simple with the law. You might think you’re being booked for one crime but actually, the police will build a rap sheet of charges just so they hope one of them will stick. Our Riverside DUI Attorney will fight each and every single one of them. Traffic violations such as overtaking on the hard shoulder, running red lights, or illegal parking are all charges that are usually associated with DUI cases. But with a great Riverside criminal defense attorney, all of these infractions can be fought and their severity scrutinized in each charge. Beating a case is not about making one big knockout punch, it’s beating each little charge and using the momentum of each little victory to eventually win outright.

Criminal damage

Riverside DUI Attorney for HireIf you were very intoxicated, the charges will be more serious. It’s one thing to be drunk, but when you’re blind drunk, then the case gets more serious. We have the best criminal defense attorney in Riverside County but we’re not just exclusive to this area. We also have Temecula DUI attorney and Murrieta DUI attorney coverage so that no matter which part of the county you’re in, you will receive the same high-quality defense team.

If you have been charged with something such as, being three times over the drink and drive limit, you could be liable to criminal damage charges. If you hit a local business property, an institution such as a bank and if you also hit government property such as a squad car, the law will come down on you like a ton of bricks. It’s our job to put things into perspective and really whittle down your charges to something that avoids the penalties for criminal damage.

We’re here for you

Many people are very fearful of the law and when they are charged with DUI, they can see their life beginning to spiral out of control. Suddenly their job might be lost, respect from friends and family might be waning and their independence they enjoy by having a driving license is under threat as well. But, we will coach you through the process. We’ll inform you of how the law actually works and we won’t let you be bullied by a prosecution team that is out to score points for their legal firm. Trust in us and we will be your guiding light when things have taken a drastic turn in your life.

Please feel free to contact our offices any time and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Our Riverside office can be reached on (951) 309-7500 as can our Murrieta office. We look forward to hearing from you.