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Are you facing criminal charges? Riverside criminal defense attorney, John L. Michels has over 20 years experience working to defend people facing charges for drug possession, drug possession with intent to sell, drug manufacturing, assault and battery, theft, robbery, domestic violence, DUI, murder, and sex crimes including rape.

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Criminal defense attorney Mr. John L. Michels has spent over two decades successfully defending clients accused of all criminal matters, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

Riverside Drug Crimes

If you have been wrongfully charged with a drug crime in Riverside County, you need a criminal defense attorney with an extensive range of experience in the representation of people who have been charged with these serious drug charges that can carry extremely harsh sentences.

Opioids lawyer Riverside CA, John L. Michels is highly skilled to defend you and take your case before the Riverside County Drug Court to negotiate the most favorable alternative sentencing for you.

Assault Defense Attorney in Riverside

Riverside Lawyer NeedsYou may have found yourself being a part of an altercation. Even if nobody appeared to be hurt badly, there is still a risk of you having charges brought against you. In that case, a skilled assault defense attorney will be needed to help to guide you through the best course of action.

In the case of legal defenses, such as acting in self-defense, or defense of your property, your strong case will be examined in all angles–and a defense will be crafted to best support you and get you the outcome you deserve.

Theft and Robbery Legal Representation

Being convicted with a theft or robbery crime will have a long lasting impact on the life of the individual–this can range from missed job opportunities and opportunities to obtain professional licensing.

Theft crimes can encompass a wide range misdemeanor and felony charges from petty theft to grand theft. Being charged with these crimes can result in probation, fines, and restitution and imprisonments- depending on previous convictions, the nature of the offense and if weapons were involved.

An experienced criminal defense attorney, Mr John F. Michels is experienced in dealing with theft crimes and knows how to get the positive result that you need.

Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence allegations are treated very seriously in the state of California, and a conviction of such crimes will impact very seriously on the life of the individual.
Being convicted for domestic violence can lead to the issuance of a restraining order, jail time, fines, and the loss of your job or income.
Similarly to assault and battery charges, domestic violence perpetrators could be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony case.

If you find yourself accused of committing the act of domestic violence, it is essential that you should seek the advice of a specialized domestic violence attorney. John Michels has been representing clients in these matters for more than two decades, and is committed to fight for your legal rights on your behalf.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Attorney

Riverside Lawyer HelpWhen you are pulled over when you are suspected of DUI, you are required by law to complete a blood or urine test, or to use a breathalyzer. If you fail to do so, you will automatically have a minimum of one year’s suspension of your driver’s license.

A first offense typically results in fines, loss of license, attending a DUI school, and jail time.

Second and third DUI offenses will have more serious consequences, including license revocation and incarceration.
If there are extenuating circumstances such as serious injury or death related to your DUI, this will lead to an enhanced sentence- even with no prior DUIs on record.

Best defense lawyer, John Michels will work alongside you to discuss your individual circumstances.

Legal Representation for Murder Crimes

Severe cases of murder or manslaughter allegations mean that everything is at stake. Murder convictions can results in life imprisonment with no parole. In some cases, it can even involve the death penalty.

Each circumstance of the cases will determine how the case will be defended, as well as what crime the defendant is charged with.

Manslaughter and murder are life altering crimes to have in your record. Having the right representation to protect your rights to investigate your case thoroughly. John L. Michels has a team of investigative enforcement officers who will fight to get your case dismissed.They know how to get the favorable results you need.

Best Defense Lawyer for Sex Crimes

Being convicted of a sex crime may have a lifelong impact on everything that you do. You may find yourself unable to secure housing or employment due to background checks and mandatory registration of the crime.
Depending on the severity of your sex crime, you may also be subject to imprisonment for a substantial stretch.

Sex crimes involve; rape, viewing and downloading pornography involving minors, sexual assault, sexual harassment.

It is essential that you work with a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer who will help to defend you for these types of allegations so that your life is not impacted for the rest of your life.

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Don’t let the threat of criminal charges tarnish the rest of your life. Get the representation you deserve by hiring a highly experienced criminal defense attorney, who will do their utmost to get the result you need to move on with your life.

If you require the services of a highly experienced attorney to represent you, contact the offices of John L. Michels by calling (951) 309-7500, or via our website. Mr Michels is proud to have represented clients with a range of criminal matters from misdemeanor cases to complex murder cases.

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