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John L. Michels is your trusted legal expert for help with charges filed for engaging in prostitution under California Penal Code 647 (b). When faced with these types of criminal charges, you need solicitation defense experts to handle your case on your behalf to ensure the best outcome for you.

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When it comes to sex crimes, a strong legal defense is extremely important to help defend your name and avoid costly damage to your reputation, your family life, and even your career. John L. Michels provides the legal services you need to fight the charges and get your life back on track.

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Prostitution And Solicitation California Law

The laws around prostitution and solicitation are set out under California Law. According to Penal Code 647(b), anyone who engages in prostitution or solicitation may be penalized. This can include acts that constitute requesting or offering to pay for sex, including the encouragement of the act. This applies to both those engaging in the act and those who solicit.

Riverside PC 647(b) Criminal Defense AttorneyIt’s important to note that you can be charged under PC 647(b), even if you don’t complete the act. The mere act of the request or intent can be enough to warrant an arrest. There will, however, need to be some display such as discussing the payment for sex or withdrawing cash to pay for the encounter, or even the act itself.

With multiple factors to consider, it’s imperative you work with the best criminal defense attorney to work through the complexities of your case and fight your charges.

What Happens If You’re Convicted Of Engaging In Prostitution

If you’re convicted of engaging in prostitution, you could face penalties including a fine or jail. Penal Code Section 647(b) PC Prostitution and Solicitation is classified as a misdemeanor crime and doesn’t lead to registration as a sex offender.

Your first misdemeanor could carry a penalty of a fine of up to $1,000, or up to six months in county jail. However, if you re-offend under Penal Code Section 647(b), there will be further penalties related to your offense. While the maximum custodial sentence of six months remains, there are minimum jail terms of 45 days (second offense) and 90 days (third and subsequent offenses).

The penalties for PC 647(b) misdemeanors can vary according to each individual case. If charges have been brought under related offenses, such as Penal Code 415 PC – Disturbing the Peace and Penal Code 314 PC – Indecent Exposure, there may be further penalties involved.

What Can You Do If You’re Charged Under PC 647(b)?

Riverside PC 647(b) Criminal Defense AttorneyIf you’re charged with prostitution and solicitation offenses, it’s important that you contact a reliable PC 647(b) criminal defense attorney to start helping you with your case. John L. Michels is a Riverside criminal attorney, and will provide a free consultation to help establish your circumstances and to discuss your options. If you decide to proceed with Mr. Michels, you can be sure that your case is in safe hands.

Why You Need A Reliable Solicitation Of A Prostitute Defense Attorney

Prostitution and solicitation offenses are complex and each case will vary according to the individual. To understand these complexities and ensure the best possible defense is put in place, you need an experienced and reliable sex crimes attorney on your side.

John L. Michels is a highly-respected and experienced attorney specializing in criminal defense. Mr. Michels is an award-winning attorney who has served as a former prosecutor and a former Judge Pro Tem of the Riverside Superior Court, with extensive knowledge of laws relating to sex crimes.

Mr. Michels is an aggressive and driven attorney ready to go the distance for clients. With a high success rate and testimonials from previous clients, you can feel confident knowing your case is in safe hands. Mr. Michels always aims to avoid custodial sentences, working to get the charges thrown out so that you can put the incident behind you and focus on your family and relationships.

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