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Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is the illegal act of not paying your due amount of taxes to the government. If you purposely and knowingly do not pay tax, then it’s considered Tax Evasion.

Today, governments are stricter than before when it comes to this practice because they want their dues paid adequately. If caught doing this, there would be punishments involved, such as hefty fines that would go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on how serious it is. Some may even face prison time for this crime, depending on the circumstances. Therefore, when faced with a charge of tax evasion, you will want only the best tax evasion attorney on your side! Tax evasion is a criminal offense, and John L. Michels is the best criminal defense lawyer in Riverside County.

Tax Fraud

Income Tax Fraud EvasionTax fraud occurs when someone tries to deceive the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which oversees taxation in the United States. The perpetrator of tax fraud may attempt to evade paying current taxes due under penalty of law, or they may try filing false claims for refunds that are not owed, making them guilty of both evading taxes and defrauding the government. For example, if you are required by law to report your taxable income but do not, that’s tax evasion. Likewise, if you file a fraudulent return reporting less taxable income than you made, that’s tax fraud. The IRS won’t just go after large corporations who are profiting off illegal activities; any individual caught cheating on taxes can be tried in court, fined hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines, and may serve time in prison depending on the severity of the crime. A tax fraud attorney will have the knowledge of how to assist you in this regard and will possibly be able to reduce the fine or prison sentence.

Income Tax Fraud

Tax fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of facts on a tax return to reduce the amount of taxes owed. The most common types include:

  • Failing to report taxable income.
  • Understating the value of the property or other assets.
  • Claiming false deductions or credits.
  • Hiding income offshore.

If being charged for income tax fraud, it is essential that you have a team such as JLM Law on your side. They are a team of professional and highly qualified income tax fraud attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney’s job is to protect individuals from being convicted of a crime they have not committed. A criminal defense attorney, such as John L. Michels, protects the rights of his clients and ensures that all evidence is carefully examined before representing the client in court. A criminal defense lawyer must know all about the law, be critical thinkers and top-notch researchers, as well as excellent public speakers who can sway a jury in favor of their client. You will need a criminal defense attorney if you are accused of committing any type of serious crime.

Payroll Tax Fraud

Payroll tax fraud is the intentional evasion of payroll taxes by companies who often attempt to pass on their responsibility to their employees. This type of fraud takes four forms:

  • Paying employees off the books, unreported cash payments.
  • Failing to make tax payments on behalf of employees and keeping the money after it has been deducted from their paycheck.
  • Filing false payroll tax returns.

As a company or employer, if you are ever accused of this type of fraud, you will need a team of specialists to take on your case! This is an offense that is not taken lightly. The best payroll tax fraud attorney you can find will be one from JLM Law.

Unemployment Fraud

It can be easy to think that unemployment fraud is a petty crime, something that only lazy or greedy people would do. In actuality, this kind of fraud is spread across the spectrum from those who genuinely need assistance to those who see it as an opportunity for profit, all the way up to organized crime rings. The problem comes from a few different angles and affects honest claimants, honest employers, and honest agencies alike.

Unemployment fraud presents a problem because it wastes taxpayer money and benefits people undeserving of state assistance. It also drives down wages over time, impacting businesses negatively as well as employees themselves. The thought process behind someone committing these crimes usually stems from desperation, whether personal or financial. An unemployment fraud attorney can help someone in this position get the legal representation needed to receive fair treatment in court.

Disability Fraud

Disability fraud is when a person who can work but applies for disability to get benefits. When people with no mental or physical disabilities claim these benefits it is considered fraud because you do not have any limitations holding you back from working; many people stay on the Disability Insurance program for as long as they can. However, many people have disabilities that keep them from working but still want a job. Fraud of any kind is highly punishable by law; however, if you find yourself accused, be sure to contact a disability fraud lawyer from JLM Law to help you fight your case!

Payment Of Cash Wages To Avoid California Withholding

Payment of cash wages to avoid California withholding is the act of paying an employee their wages in cash without withholding anything for taxes, benefits, or other purposes. A company must have a license issued by the California Employment Department authorizing it to pay employees in cash without deductions. The payment of cash wages allows employers to hire workers more quickly than they might otherwise be able to do.

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