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Domestic violence charges can impact your life severely. They can affect your professional progress and success and harm your personal life. Overcoming these charges is the best way to keep your life on track and ensure you make the progress you’re capable of.

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence in Temecula, John L. Michels is the number one criminal domestic violence Lawyer Temecula can offer and will attend to all your legal needs both in and out of the courthouse.

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Don’t let domestic violence charges affect your life, contact Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal defense attorney John L. Michels 24/7 at (951) 309-7500 for a solid consultation.

Criminal Defense Consultation in Temecula

Domestic Violence LawyerWhether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or felony for domestic violence, you can rely on John L. Michels to use his experience and expertise to help you get a ruling that is fair and appropriate.

With history as a prosecutor, John understands how to get the best results for his clients, ensuring confidence and fairness in any verdict that does as much as possible to ensure minimal disruption to their lives and careers.

You won’t find a better Temecula Domestic Violence Attorney anywhere in the area, so stop waiting around and contact John L. Michels and the office today.
With experience and success as both a Misdemeanor domestic violence attorney and Felony domestic violence attorney, you can discuss the details of your case with John to help you determine the best course of action. A free consultation is available 24/7 before taking the working relationship to the next stage.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney Temecula

If you want to learn more about John and his services, look no further. With years of experience, he will go beyond what clients typically expect from a DV Lawyer Temecula. With your best interests and future in mind, you can trust John to fight your case and help you get the verdict you desire.

John is experienced in helping his clients avoid jail time for domestic violence charges in Temecula. This talent and experience has set him apart as the best criminal defense attorney in Temecula County, and his ability to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor is something that makes him stand out from the competition and has contributed to the many years of success as an attorney in Temecula, Riverside, and beyond.

Experience. Dedication. Results.

You may have heard of John L. Michels before, which is for good reason. He has found success helping clients as the number one DV Lawyer Murrieta and DV Lawyer Banning. This success is possible because of John’s mantra.

Operating with an attitude of Experience. Dedication. Results have provided John with the foundation to serve hundreds of clients throughout his career.
Domestic Violence LawyerIf you’re looking for an amazing attorney with a knack for achieving the impossible and reducing long-term jail time to probation. John L. Michels is the answer.

He promises to deliver a sensitive and professional service that supports you every step of the way. Since legal issues can be complicated and overwhelming, John will outline the process so you stay in the loop and understand what could happen.

This approach is part of what makes John such a popular and respected figure in the legal industry. He will fight for all his clients and do everything in his power to get charges reduced or thrown out so you can live your life the way you want.

Where Do We Operate?

John L. Michels serves all courthouses in Riverside County including:

Whether you need a DV Lawyer Indio, DV Lawyer Rancho Cucamonga, or are based in Temecula, you can find the perfect legal representation by contacting John L. Michels today to state your case and obtain the support and guidance you need.

Your legal representation is essential after you or a loved one has been charged with a crime such as domestic violence. John L. Michels is a criminal defense attorney operating in Temecula and the surrounding areas who will fight your case. He strives to ensure the best results for all his clients, including getting the charges reduced or dropped so you can avoid jail time.

Trust in John L. Michels today to get the results you need without letting your situation impact your life and future.
Speak to our Temecula office today by calling (951) 309-7500 for a free consultation. If you live outside of Temecula, don’t worry, because John L. Michels services the surrounding area for all your legal needs.