Corona Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you ever been detained in Corona for a criminal offense which could include drunk driving? An arrest for a crime or DUI can have a terrible impact on your life, harming your reputation, profession, and future. The secret to winning a criminal case is to have a strong and tenacious Corona criminal defense lawyer right away.

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John L. Michels is the best criminal defense attorney representing clients in Corona, bringing over two decades of experience to protect his client’s rights. We appreciate how scary it can be to be arrested and feel helpless. The prosecution works fast; therefore, you don’t want to waste time with your defense. Reaching out to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Corona can significantly affect the outcome of your lawsuit.

Mr. Michels and his team are regarded as top criminal defense attorneys representing clients in Corona. So they will work zealously to ensure that criminal charges can be reduced, dismissed, or dropped.

You need the best criminal defense attorney in Corona

There needs to be a lawyer present to stand between all potential legal injustices since prosecutors are working on a case that will pin you to the wall. John L. Michels is familiar with the judges, district attorneys, and prosecuting lawyers in the neighborhood court system. This helps better understand how to approach your issue. Through the use of tried-and-tested tactics that produce positive results, we represent your case with exceptional skill.

The areas of practice of a criminal defense attorney

Corona Criminal Defense AttorneyFor two decades, Mr. Michels has employed this legal knowledge and experience for the benefit of his clients in the following areas:

Assault and battery
Being charged without an experienced criminal assault and battery attorney by your side leaves you no opportunity to seek justice and protect your innocence. As soon as you hear about your conviction, it is primordial to reach out to a seasonal defense lawyer in Corona.

Domestic violence
A domestic violence attorney can make the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor charge. So, if you are wondering how to drop domestic violence charges in Corona, the answer is with the help of a domestic violence charge defense attorney.

Indeed, John L. Michels acts as a misdemeanor criminal defense attorney, working hard to reduce the prosecution charges of his clients.

Drug crimes
Drug crimes can be diverse, but unfortunately, without expert legal representation from a drug crime lawyer, you could face serious consequences in Corona. That’s why Mr. Michels is proud to deliver the best drug defense attorney service for his clients in Corona.

Sex crimes
Don’t let sex crime convictions damage your future and your income. Book a consultation with a Corona sex crimes attorney to find out more about your possible outcomes.

Theft crimes
Have you been convicted of theft? You want an experienced grand theft criminal defense lawyer to preserve your rights and avoid severe charges. John L. Michels is a reputable criminal theft lawyer in Corona with dedicated experience in the local law and processes.

Do you face a reckless driving conviction? Don’t approach your defense without a Corona DUI lawyer to guide you.

White collar crimes
While they are non-violent, white-collar crimes receive a hefty charge as they involve public corruption, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering. Reach out to a white collar crime lawyer to protect your future and income.

Felony crimes
Corona Criminal Defense AttorneyFelony crimes are diverse, but the charge is often severe. When looking for the best felony criminal defense attorney for your case, ensure you focus on lawyers who have the right experience in reducing charges to misdemeanor. You may want to talk to a specialist criminal child endangerment attorney, for example, for your situation, for example.

You need a homicide lawyer who’s got your back when you are convicted of murder. A gun crime attorney can help consider not only extenuating circumstances but also make a huge difference to your future. Without a firearm charge defense attorney to protect your rights, the prosecution could charge you with prolonged jail time, affecting your income and life.

Your Corona criminal defense attorney

You can relax a little after you reach out to our team since you will be in capable hands. We will make every effort to speak with prosecutors and persuade them not to press charges. Hiring a top criminal defense company can guarantee you have the greatest representation and possibility for dismissal or reduced charges for any felony, misdemeanor, DUI, and white collar crime. A tenacious attorney in Corona, Mr. Michels will not only make the legal process simpler to understand but also do everything in his power to increase your chances of a better result. For a private, cost-free consultation, contact our renowned Corona criminal defense attorney at (951) 309-7500 right away.