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If you are facing criminal charges, then hiring a top-rated criminal attorney in Riverside County is essential. Whether a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge, John L. Michels, is here to help. With his assistance, you stand the best chance of successfully defending yourself and having charges against you reduced or dropped altogether. By choosing the best criminal defense attorney, you can potentially avoid fines, cut or avoid jail time, maintain your current employment, and clear your name.

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Who is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Riverside? The Law Offices of John L. Michels represents clients across several courthouses in the Riverside area, including Riverside Courthouse, Temecula Courthouse, Murrieta Courthouse, Banning Courthouse, and Indio Courthouse. With an experienced and respected Riverside criminal lawyer by your side, you can put your best foot forward, regardless of where you are being tried. Stop searching for a “top-rated criminal lawyer near me” and get the assistance you need from our law offices today. Having a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Riverside County on your side makes all the difference.

Types Of Criminal Defense From John L. Michels

As a Riverside criminal lawyer, John L. Michels has decades of experience helping clients defend themselves in court against many types of criminal charges, including theft, domestic violence, drug manufacturing and distribution, assault and battery, and DUIs.

Drug Charge Criminal Defense

Win a Drug Possession Case in Riverside CountyJohn L. Michels is an experienced and well-known Riverside drug defense attorney. With his help, you can defend against all drug related criminal charges including possession of a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute, manufacture of a controlled substance, and drug trafficking.

Drug charges can be serious and put you at risk of extended jail time. Therefore, Riverside drug defense lawyer John L. Michels gets to work on your case, looking for evidence of your innocence and seeking ways to reduce the severity of the charges against you. Once he knows your case’s details, he is in the best position to defend you in court.

Domestic Violence Defense

John L. Michels is also a top-rated domestic violence attorney. He’s helped countless clients defend themselves against domestic violence charges, helping them avoid fines, jail time, and denial of access to their children.

Domestic violence occurs when someone is violent in the context of a domestic relationship. Relatives, spouses, and even children can bring felony charges against you, many of which can lead to jail time.

Because of his experience, John L. Michels understands that domestic violence cases are never as clear-cut as they initially appear. There are always two sides to every story. Therefore, he gets to work as soon as you are charged. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the sector, he stands out among Riverside criminal attorneys. Using his special insights, he understands how prosecutors work, the tactics they use, and how to defend his clients in court.

Assault & Battery Criminal Charge Defense

Assault & battery occurs when a person physically strikes or attempts to strike another person. It is a serious crime that can result in many years in prison.

As a Riverside assault & battery defense lawyer, John L. Michels gets to work on your case immediately. He explores whether you were acting in self-defense or caused harm accidentally. He also defends cases of mistaken identity.

In short, Riverside felony lawyer John L. Michels gets to the bottom of your case and finds out precisely what happened. He then uses permissible evidence to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.

Criminal Theft Charge Defense Attorney

Depending on the severity of the charges, theft can result in multi-year jail sentences. Judges can also impose hefty fines or insist on long periods of community service. For this reason, getting a Riverside theft lawyer who understands theft cases inside out is essential.

John L. Michels is a Riverside misdemeanor lawyer experienced in petty theft. Petty theft occurs when a person is alleged to have stolen a small amount of money, less than $950 in the state of California. He is also experienced in felony theft involving automobiles, firearms, or goods valued in excess of $950.

He explores all your defense options with you in detail. For instance, you may have a right to the stolen property, you could have returned it soon after taking it, or there may have been other mitigating circumstances that work in your defense. When you choose the Law Office of John L. Michels, no stone is left unturned.

White Collar Crime Defense

Collar Crime Attorney in Riverside CountyWhite collar crimes do not involve the use of physical violence. However, the state, corporations, and other organizations take them very seriously. Money laundering, public office corruption, health care fraud, securities fraud, and mortgage fraud charges all carry jail time if convicted.

In these situations, you need a top-rated white-collar crime lawyer. John L. Michels has tremendous experience in complex white-collar crime cases and has helped numerous clients prove their innocence and identify the true wrongdoers in multiple situations.

Riverside DUI Defense Attorney

In California, being accused of a DUI is a serious crime and can carry a minimum jail time of 180 days (six months) in state prison. It can also lead to license suspension and hefty fines. Therefore, anyone charged with such a crime needs an experienced Riverside DUI defense attorney by their side.

Again, John L. Michels, a Riverside defense attorney with decades of experience can help. He explores all possible avenues of defense following a failed breathalyzer test. These include challenging the officers’ testimony, the results of the chemical test, and the procedure used during the arrest.

Gun Crime Defense

Lastly, John L. Michels is a top-rated gun crime attorney in Riverside County able to defend you against multiple gun crimes. His expertise covers felonies involving illegal possession, trafficking, distribution, sales, or use of firearms in various settings.

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