Misdemeanor Assault Lawyer

A misdemeanor assault is a serious crime that can cause a lot of headache for you in the courts. Whether you lost control one night and made a mistake or you were defending a friend – it is important not to let a misdemeanor assault charge ruin your life. That’s why today we want to discuss why hiring an assault and battery defense lawyer such as Mr. John L. Michels is a crucial decision for you should you find yourself in a tough situation.

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Obtaining a charge for assault is something no one ever wants on their record, however we know that life can sometimes get out of hand and mistakes can be made. It is important for you to search for a misdemeanor criminal defense attorney for assault charges near me if you do find yourself in this situation and they will be able to help you in court to defend your claims and ensure that justice is served.

What happens when you are arrested?

When you are charged and arrested for a misdemeanor assault charge, you will be held in the police station for questioning. It is important during this time that you are courteous and polite, however do not answer any questions from them until you have obtained an assault lawyer.

At the moment you are taken into the police station, you should make a phone call to someone who is able to obtain a riverside assault attorney for you. This will ensure that you are protected from a legal standpoint and your lawyer will direct you on what you can say and what you should avoid talking about.

Also consider getting in touch with someone who may be able to bail you out of jail or get in touch with a bail bondsman.

Hire an Assault Lawyer

Assault Deadly Weapon LawyerIt is so important once you get charged with assault that you invest in a professional and expert assault and battery criminal defense lawyer. An assault and battery criminal defense attorney will be able to prepare for your case as soon as you hire them, and for this reason you should hire them as soon as you are arrested to give them more time to prepare for your court date. The court date will usually be 48 hours after the time of arrest, so hiring an expert assault and battery criminal defense lawyer is crucial.

When looking to hire the right lawyer for your case it is important to consider the type of assault that has occurred. A assault and battery defense attorney, riverside sexual assault attorney, and a domestic assault attorney will all provide their own special wisdom and will be able to defend your case and hopefully prevent you from having to do any time in jail and possibly get the charges dropped.

Riverside assault with a deadly weapon lawyer

Once you have hired your riverside assault with a deadly weapon lawyer, they will come in and talk to you to find out what happened and how they can help. It is incredibly important when you speak to a riverside assault lawyer that you are open and honest and provide as much information as possible.

Your lawyer will first want to ask you a little bit about yourself, your family, and whether you have any prior convictions. It is here that you can provide truthful information that may be useful later on.

Next, your lawyer will ask you about the incident in question and will want as much detail as possible to create a clear picture of the incident as well as the context of it. So whether you hire a riverside sexual assault lawyer or riverside assault with a deadly weapon attorney, here is where you can share your side of the story and ensure that you are heard in court.

Here is also where your lawyer will be able to determine whether there is any evidence that will go against you in court. While they try to defend you, a prosecutor will be there picking holes every chance they get and your lawyer will need to be prepared for this.

The main benefit of having a lawyer present in court with you is that they will speak on your behalf and this will ensure that the information is laid out clearly and that you don’t get emotional on the stand.

Why you shouldn’t represent yourself

Hire An Assault LawyerWhen you are charged with a crime such as assault, you may think that you will be able to easily represent yourself in court and tell your side of the story. No matter how confident you feel about your story, it is never a good idea to do this because you will not only be more likely to show emotions, but you don’t know the law and this can trip you up should you say something you shouldn’t.

Why you need an assault lawyer

We know the law.

The first reason why you should hire a professional criminal defense lawyer for your case is that they know the law and how to present facts properly in court. This will prevent you from making simple mistakes that may in fact incriminate you further and get you in more trouble.

We will do the paperwork

You might not be surprised to hear that there is a lot of paperwork involved in court appearances, and if you were to try and represent yourself, you would have a mountain of forms and papers to fill in. When you hire a lawyer though, they will take care of all of this for you.

Give yourself an advantage with John L. Michels

It is important to consider the bigger picture when it comes to a criminal charge. You need to understand that the other party in court will have a lawyer to help convict you. This is why you need to make sure you hire a lawyer straight away because otherwise they will have the advantage in court and you are much less likely to win your case. Allow an expert to handle the case for you and this will ensure you are likely to walk away free.