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Gun crime is a serious offense in California. If found using a gun unlawfully, you could face penalties such as fines and jail time, which will vary depending on the circumstances of the offense. Using a gun while committing a felony could mean years of imprisonment unless you’re properly represented.

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If you have found yourself facing charges for gun crime of any type, you should seek help from an experienced firearm defense attorney as soon as possible. California’s gun laws are full of nuances and exceptions. Call the top Riverside attorney, Former prosecutor John L. Michels, who is the top gun violation defense attorney in Riverside

Mr. Michels has been representing clients with gun violation charges for over two decades, providing aggressive defense against these types of offense.

What are the Types of Firearms Charges in California?

The Gun Laws in California can turn any firearm related charges into a very serious offense, leaving no room for error.
When it comes to gun control and the legislation around firearms, California is rigorous in its laws.
For example:

  • A person who purchases a firearm is to fill out and submit a California Dealers Record of Sale (DROS) and attend related safety training courses.
  • Before being legally allowed to purchase a firearm, a person must undergo a background check and a waiting period of ten days.
  • It is a felony to leave a firearm within access to a child below the age of fourteen, according to California’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) law.
  • All purchases of firearms must go through a licensed firearm dealer.

Riverside Firearm Defense Attorney for HireIn addition, possession of a loaded firearm for specific categories of people is illegal.
Violation of this law may be charged as a felony or misdemeanor.

The types of people who are legally not allowed to possess a loaded firearm in California include:

  • Those with a felony
  • People subjected to a court order or prohibition which outlines that the possession or use of firearms is forbidden
  • Undocumented immigrants
  • People who are adjudged to be mentally incompetent or a danger to themselves and others as a result of mental illness
  • Substance misusers (eg- addicted to narcotics)
  • Those who are served with a temporary restraining order or injunction under the California family codes, or civil procedure
  • People who have been discharged from the military dishonorably
  • Persons who have fled their state to avoid prosecution-fugitives from justice
  • Those under an indictment for a federal offense

Additionally to the outlined categories of people prohibited from owning a weapon, those who own a gun must be properly licensed in order to do so. Similarly, for a concealed weapon, a relevant concealed weapon permit must be in their possession.

If you are found on the wrong side of these stringent laws, you may find yourself in a difficult situation without the assistance of a Riverside criminal defense law firm.

20+ Year Experienced lawyer John L. Michels will protect your gun rights and fight for you, defending you against weapon charges related to:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault with a gun
  • Illegal sale of a firearm
  • Using firearms for self-defense
  • Improper handling of a firearm in a motorized vehicle
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • Brandishing a firearm

Plus more…

Riverside Criminal Attorney: Building Defense on Your Behalf

A conviction of any charge can have a life changing impact on your future. When it comes to gun crime offenses, we will take the time to learn about the circumstances surrounding your case, and the exact events leading up to your arrest. Building the strongest representational defense on your behalf, we will pursue every option in order to make the best effort to secure a positive result for your case.

What charges are related to Firearm Offenses?

Similarly to most other criminal charges, firearms charges will fall into felony and misdemeanor categories, along with additional penalties added to sentencing when gun enhancement laws are involved.

Felony Charges

Without the support of a felony defense attorney, felony weapons charges can be punishable for up to twenty years in prison- categorized by; activity, offense, and previous convictions.

Misdemeanor Charges

A Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Attorney can help to represent people being faced with a year in county jail, or who face a $1,000 fine.

Gun Enhancements

Riverside Firearm Defense Attorney ServicePrior to 2019, mandatory attachments could be added to gun charges, allowing for an additional ten years imprisonment to be added to a sentence for gun possession, twenty for firing that weapon, and over twenty five years when that gun caused serious injury, or even death.

New legislation was introduced in January 2019 in California, which was designed to give judges the discretion with regard to these enhancements. Judges were given the right to make the overall decision, instead of these enhancements being mandatory.

Having the representation of the best defense lawyers will help to retain your gun rights after expunging criminal convictions.
Defense attorney, Mr. John L. Michels will help to protect your rights from the very beginning of your case.

How Will Riverside Criminal Attorney John L. Michels Protect My Right to Bear Arms?

With over 20 years of representation experience, Mr John L. Michels has an extremely thorough understanding of the Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution that protects your right to carry and keep firearms. He will use these provisions to protect your rights.
Using the notion that every individual is innocent until proven guilty, John L. Michels is the best defense lawyer to help to prove your innocence in court–helping many clients to gain an acquittal in weapons charges, he will work to achieve the same results for your case.

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