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John L. Michels has a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with those who have been rightly or wrongfully charged of a criminal act. With over two decades of previous experience, Michels has helped those accused of criminal matters from acts of misdemeanors to murder. In your hour of need, having the best felony trial lawyer in Riverside on your side is a must, and with a free consultation, Michels could be the solution you need to resolve your problem.

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Regardless of the charges, having the right attorney in place to help you with your case is important. Michels has handled a variety of cases for his clients, and it’s worth knowing what types of crimes are committed and how he’s handled them in the past. Whatever you fall under in the categories below, rest assured, Michels can help you.

Drug Crimes

Criminal Defense in Riverside Drug CrimesCharges of a drug crime can result in serious convictions, and if you’ve been charged with a drug crime within Riverside County, then you want someone who can help make sure your voice is being heard. There are cases where individuals have been charged for crimes that they didn’t commit, and so it’s essential that you get the best help to get you out of the situation you’re in. Drug crimes can be anything from drug possession, drug possession with intent to sell, and drug manufacturing. Michels has plenty of experience when it comes to handling drug crimes and can help you, should you need it.

Assault & Battery Charges

Dealing with an assault and battery charge is something that Michels has experience with over two decades, to be exact. An individual who has been presented this charge is something that can be brought up as a misdemeanour or as a felony charge. The decision is made by the prosecution and depends on whether any objects were used and whether any physical harm resulted as part of the altercation. Michels has managed to help those clients who have been charged with this crime, whether it’s domestic violence, simple assault or battery, and use of a firearm, whether legal or illegal you’ll need an assault defense attorney in Riverside.

Domestic violence is also something that can often come with serious charges and is a crime that could end up impacting your life forever if convicted. A highly seasoned attorney who has experience of dealing with clients is the difference between a conviction or no conviction, so you want to make the right choice of who represents you.

Theft & Robbery

Theft & robbery are crimes that are taken very seriously. Taking possession of someone else’s property is a charge that could be inflicted on you if you’re found guilty. It could result in probation and fines for petty theft but also with imprisonment for those more serious charges. Michels has a vast array of experience, dealing with previous clients who’ve been charged in bank robberies, burglary, car theft, and even armed robbery. A criminal defense attorney can help negotiate lighter sentences and even acquittals depending on the harm caused and the details of the case itself. That could be the prior criminal record of the client, the nature of the offense, and whether weapons or objects were used. There’s a key focus on Michel’s clients to help reduce the impact of his clients’ futures as much as possible.

Sex Crimes & Rape

Protecting reputation and freedom is something that’s highly important when it comes to sex crimes and rape. For those who are wrongfully convicted, it’s a conviction that can impact their ability to have a future career or to simply walk down a sidewalk without feeling endangered. If you’ve been arrested or under suspicion, it’s important to get representation as soon as possible. Sex crimes can be broad, but Michels has experience in many that including molestation, rape, sexual battery, and internet-based sex crimes, to name but a few.

Being convicted of a sex crime can be severely damaging, so it’s worth having the right criminal defense attorney in place.

DUI’s & Murder

Criminal Defense in Riverside DUIAs an experienced assault defence attorney in Riverside, Michels has the experience needed to handle any criminal charge, however extreme. DUI’s and murder are two convictions that can carry a hefty prison sentence if found guilty, and so it’s important you choose Michels to help. For a DUI, extensive fines can come into play, but prison convictions are even more terrifying for those who made an error in judgment. To help your case, whether it’s a DUI or murder charge you face, having the representation you need on your side can certainly benefit you.

If you need a Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney or someone who knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, then Michels is the individual to choose. He can make sure that your rights are protected and that you are given a fair trial in the case of needing one. His priorities are to get a lighter sentence where possible so that you reduce the impact that this event has on you and your loved ones.

If you’re looking for legal representation, then be sure to get in touch with us today. A free consultation is provided to ensure you know what Michels can offer and how to move forward with any criminal charges against you or your loved ones.