How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are searching for a good criminal defense attorney in Riverside County, look no further than Attorney John L. Michels. With criminal defense attorney John L. Michels working for you, you will have the best chance to get criminal charges reduced or possibly dropped altogether, avoid jail, and keep your employment. While it can be nerve-wracking and stressful to face any sort of criminal investigation, there are some charges that are more severe than others. If you are in need of a felony or misdemeanor criminal defense attorney,contact attorney John L. Michels and let an experienced attorney with a proven track record of success work for you.

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By working with award winning criminal defense attorney John L. Michels, you will give yourself the best chance possible to put the case behind you and carry on with your life. Some examples of serious charges include firearm crimes or an investigation for fraud. If you find yourself in this position contact us as soon as possible. The earlier you hire a drug crime attorney or gun crime attorney, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to win your case and move forward with your life.

Types of Crime

hire a criminal defense attorneyThere are many reasons why you might need to hire a criminal defense attorney. But when your freedom is on the line it is critical to hire the best criminal defense attorney in Riverside County. For example, if you’re being investigated for drug charges, a conviction can have devastating consequences for your life. It is important that you hire an aggressive attorney to fight for you. Criminal defense attorney John L. Michels will always be in your corner and has over two decades of experience battling these types of charges.

Attorney John L. Michels is considered an excellent drug distribution defense attorney and drug violation attorney and is well respected by those in the court including the local prosecutors and judges. When you hire him for your case, you can have the peace of mind knowing you have the very best on your side. While you have many different options available to you, hiring someone with a proven record of success and decades of experience can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Beginning with the first free consultation, all the way to the final result, you will find that having the very best illegal drug possession attorney who will make himself available whenever you need him will make all the difference. When you are looking for a good criminal defense attorney, it is important to think about how much access you are getting. Attorney John L. Michels is personally available to his clients for continued updates on their cases and makes himself available to handle any ongoing emergencies at any time.

Other Types of Crimes

hire a criminal defense attorney todayIn addition to drug crimes, if you are charged with a gun crime, you will need the expertise of someone who has successfully fought those charges in court for over twenty years. Weapons violations can carry severe penalties, including jail time, loss of employment, and financial difficulties. Attorney John L.Michels is an excellent firearm defense attorney and has helped countless clients fight these charges in court. A good criminal defense attorney takes their skills and helps defend a client that is accused of serious crimes that can carry severe penalties. They will be able to work under different categories: for example, depending on the type of crime the client has been accused of committing, they may function as a felony gun crime attorney, assault with a weapon attorney, or brandishing a weapon attorney.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what type of serious crime you have been charged with. You need to work with the very best to give yourself the best possible chance of walking free from court without a criminal record. A great domestic violence attorney will know exactly what to do for their client, at the right time. There are a number of non-legal consequences that can come from not using the best fraud charge criminal defense lawyer or theft charge attorney, including loss of employment, jail time, and other issues.

If you are under investigation for any category of criminal offense, then don’t wait to hire the best assault charge criminal defense lawyer. The sooner you have Attorney John L. Michels on your side, the better the chance that your case will have a successful result. Aside from everything else, you will have peace of mind knowing you have taken the right steps to give yourself the best chance to win your case.


No one should ever take any chances when facing criminal charges. If you are under investigation or you have been charged with weapons violations or illegal possession of a gun, it is important to get in touch with a felony gun crime attorney. And not just any criminal defense attorney, but the very best. Here at the Law Offices of John L. Michels, we will use our considerable wealth of experience and expertise to fight for your freedom. Attorney John L. Michels has more than twenty four years of experience in the legal field and is currently listed on the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. He represents clients throughout the Inland Empire including in the Riverside Courthouse, Temecula Courthouse, Murrieta Courthouse, Banning Courthouse, Indio Courthouse, San Bernardino Courthouse, and the Rancho Courthouse.

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