How To Get Criminal Charges Dropped In Riverside County

Getting criminal charges dropped in Riverside County will typically provide a better outcome than going to court. Discover how expert criminal defense attorney John L. Michels can help you achieve this outcome.

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Are you being investigated or charged with a criminal offense? If so, then you must make sure that you gain the support and expertise of a professional criminal defense attorney like John L. Michels. Using his experience you are provided with the best chance to fight criminal charges in Riverside County.

Why Do You Need To Get Felony Charges Reduced Or Dropped In Riverside?

If a case is filed and you need to fight in court, it is far more likely that you will end up with a guilty verdict. This can include unfavorable outcomes including jail time, severe fines, and significant penalties. It can mean that you or a loved one must stay out of work or school, impacting your quality of life. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that the charges are dropped or significantly reduced. John L. Michels is your best bet to make sure that this happens. As an experienced Banning Courthouse criminal defense attorney, he understands the key requirements necessary to ensure that a case is dropped.

What Types Of Criminal Charges Can John. L. Michels Help With?

Criminal Drug Crime DroppedAn experienced and trusted criminal defense lawyer, John L. Michels can help with a variety of different criminal defense charges and provide you with the best chance of getting them dropped or reduced.

If you need to get drug crimes reduced or dropped, choosing the right legal support is a key step. You need to make sure that your lawyer understands the unique circumstances of your case to ensure that they can provide the best defense. In the case of drug crimes, this will often involve drawing attention to a lack of evidence that the drugs were in your possession. As a Murrieta Courthouse criminal defense attorney John. L. Michels will work to ensure that every element of your case is explored and help ensure that your case never goes to court.

He can also help you fight sex crime charges in Riverside. Sex crimes are difficult cases to win in court and it is likely that the prosecution will look to impose harsh penalties. By getting the case dropped you can avoid this outcome completely.

How To Get Criminal Charges Reduced In Riverside

There are several options that can be explored to ensure that criminal charges are reduced in Riverside. Criminal charges may be reduced if you agree to a plea bargain. You will be charged with a less serious crime if you choose to plead guilty. However, you should not agree to a bargain like this before speaking to a trusted attorney such as John, L. Michels.

Prosecutors are also more likely to reduce criminal charges if they find that they do not have enough evidence to convict you for the original charge put forward. In cases like this, your lawyer can ensure that you reduce a felony to a misdemeanor in Riverside County.

How To Get Criminals Charges Dropped In Riverside

If you are keen to get criminal charges dropped in Riverside, then the first step will always be hiring the right lawyer. John. L. Michels can help and ensure that you do gain the full support you need. He can help you get assault charges reduced or dropped or help you find theft crime charges in Riverside. A Riverside courthouse attorney will assess your case carefully to provide you with the best strategy here. The main difference between a felony and a misdemeanor is the former involves the use of a deadly weapon.

To get your criminal charges dropped, he will work to:

  • Show that there is a lack of probable cause to support the arrest charges
  • Present evidence your constitutional rights were violated by law enforcement
  • Ensure that you can accept a please agreement to get domestic violence charges reduced or dropped.

These are just some of the legal strategies that can be utilized by a professional legal representative to fight criminal charges in Riverside County.

How To Get Domestic Violence Charges Reduced Or Dropped

Domestic Violence Charges DroppedJohn L. Michels can also help if you are facing domestic violence charges in Riverside County. Typically, to get a charge like this reduced or dropped, the complainant must speak with an independent lawyer. A retraction statement can then be prepared on their behalf. It is important for both complainant and defendant to have an experienced Temecula Courthouse criminal defense attorney to ensure that the charges are dropped.

Remember, hiring the right defense attorney will always increase your chances of getting domestic violence charges dropped completely, providing you with the best outcome.

How To Get A Child Endangerment Charge Dropped?

It’s possible that you have been charged with endangering a child. If that’s the case, then it is essential that you do have the right defense attorney on your side. Working as an Indio Courthouse criminal defense attorney, John L. Michels will explore the best possible options for you. Getting an OUI or DUI with a child in a car will often lead to this charge being filed. This can leave you with fines that cost thousands and potentially even imprisonment. Even if this is your first time being charged, it is likely that a prosecutor will seek harsher penalties for cases of child endangerment. You could even lose custody of your child. That’s why it is important to explore getting a child endangerment charge dropped as a first resort. It is imperative that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.

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If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Riverside County, then please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Criminal defense attorney John L. Michels will provide you the best possible representation to help you get your criminal charges dropped, avoid jail time and dodge severe penalties.

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