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If you are looking for the best criminal self defense lawyer in Riverside County, look no further than John L. Michels. Take a look at our reviews. John L. Michels represents clients in the courthouses of Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta, Banning and Indio.

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If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in Riverside County, look no further than self defense attorney John L. Michels. John L. Michels is an aggressive criminal defense attorney who is your best chance to get misdemeanor or felony charges reduced or dropped in Riverside, and avoid jail, fines, penalties and stay at work or in school.

Assault and Battery Lawyer

Assault and battery charges may come with different types of charges from misdemeanor to felony. These are charges that may be difficult to manage and have dropped unless you have an aggressive self defense lawyer like John L. Michels on your side.

John L. Michels has had assault and battery charges dropped several times throughout his career as he has proven that his clients are the victims of unprovoked rage from others and the only way to protect themselves was through self defense.

John L. Michels can do the same for you as he has a long history of having criminal misdemeanor charges dropped throughout Riverside County.

Gun Crime Lawyer

Gun Crime LawyerIt is everyone’s constitutional right to be able to own a firearm and operate a firearm responsibly and within the bounds of gun laws. The state of California has some of the toughest and strictest firearms laws in the country. As a result, even those who lawfully own a gun may fall prey to laws that are meant to protect them even though they are operating their firearm within the boundaries of the law.

John L. Michel is the top firearms lawyer in Riverside. From misdemeanor to felony, John L. Michels knows the ins and outs of all California gun laws and he can make sure you are properly represented in court.

Firearms, both concealed and otherwise, are carried by many as an extra layer of protection in the day to day rigors of life. Unfortunately, there are times when that firearm needs to be discharged in the event of self defense. It is also your constitutional right to defend yourself.

With such stringent laws, law-abiding citizens can fall through the cracks. John L. Michels’ long career in the courthouses of Riverside County as a gun crime lawyer and self defense attorney have given him the ability to ensure you are protected by the law.

If you were acting in self defense, yet you find yourself or a loved one finds themself with a felony or misdemeanor gun charge, John L. Michels knows how to get criminal charges reduced in Riverside or have them dropped all together.

False Arrest Attorney

If you are a law abiding citizen and you have found yourself the victim of a false arrest due to self defense, John L. Michels is available to defend you and fight to have those charges dropped. With decades of experience as a prosecutor in the Riverside County courthouses, John L. Michels knows everything there is to know about the law and can easily prove to a judge that your arrest was a mistake and should be expunged from your record.

With a large network of prosecutors and legal professionals, John L. Michels knows how to lawfully work with the members of the legal community to prove your case and have you back to normal life fast.

Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor In Riverside County

Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor In RiversideIf a jury of your peers or a judge has deemed you guilty for any criminal act you may have committed, your legal fight does not end there. You may be wondering how to get criminal charges reduced in Riverside.

Due to his many years as a prosecutor, John L. Michels knows the ins and outs of how prosecutors think, how they practice law, and what laws they will use against you to get those charges to stick. To get felony charges reduced or dropped in Riverside, you need John L. Michels.

With his inside knowledge, John L. Michels will confidently defend you in court in order to have your charges reduced or even dropped. We can get misdemeanor criminal charges dropped.

John L. Michels is highly experienced on both sides of the courtroom, and having him on your side is the best criminal defense you’ll get in Riverside County.

Fight Criminal Charges

If you need to fight criminal charges in Riverside County then don’t hesitate to contact John L. Michels. A lot of charges fall under the heading of “White Collar Crimes,” which are financial crimes that are committed in the realm of fraud. When you are convicted of a white collar crime, your entire life can be ruined. You will not be able to get certain jobs, your criminal record will follow you into every application, travel experience, and background check. To avoid the embarrassment of not being able to care for your family or hold down a decent job, let John L. Michels fight your criminal charges.

He will fight theft crime charges in Riverside, fraud charges in Riverside, and he will use his Riverside legal network to make sure you get a fair trial and your case is heard.

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If you or a loved one are in need of a self defense attorney who understands you and your story, then contact John L. Michels today. If you were to search for self defense attorneys near me, John L. Michels would be first on the list because his record of proving his clients were acting in self defense is the highest in the county.

Contact John L. Michels for a consultation to know for sure that your case is solid and you are one of those unfortunate law abiding citizens who is getting mixed up in the web of the law. Mr. Michels is standing by to defend you.